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You could be owed £1000s!


What could our Credit Breach Checking service unlock for you?

Our Credit Breach Check is a complimentary service offered to you, to identify where you may have fallen victim to a consumer credit breach.

In the last 10 years have you had

  • A credit or store card
  • A secured loan or car finance agreement
  • A mortgage
  • An unsecured loan or pay day loan

We will check all of the above!


What is a Consumer Credit breach?

Essentially they fall into 3 categories

  1. Undisclosed commission
  2. Irresponsible lending
  3. Affordability

Our Soft Credit CheckWith your permission, we will complete a soft credit check. This is the starting point for our investigation. The check does not appear on your record or affect your credit rating in any way. will enable us to start investigating any historic breaches have taken place. As new claim types and opportunities to get money back, get compensation or save money are 'suitability' matched by our systems we will notify you.

And we can one of our selected specialists can act on your behalf. Click submit to get the checks underway.



How does it work?

Through carefully selected collaborations and advanced technology. We utilise advanced technology, including machine learning and AI, in strategic partnerships/collaborations with legal and financial experts to efficiently identify potential breaches.

From day one we can check your arrangements with service providers such as banks and other lenders to see if your providers have been at fault.  

With your agreement, we or our associates can help you recover money you have been overcharged and/or compensation.

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To date...

So far we have found potentially;

81% - Have a claim because of a store or credit card. 

56% - Have a car finance claim against their lender. 

42% - Have a bank overdraft claim.

4% - Have a claim against a payday loan company. 

2% - Are mortgage prisoners


What is a Consumer Credit breach?

Broker making a presentation to a young couple showing them a document which they are viewing with serious expressions

Undisclosed commission

Additional fees paid to a broker or agent that were not openly disclosed to borrowers at the time of taking out a loan, credit card or mortgage.


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Young couple having problems with paying high bills

Irresponsible lending

Irresponsible lending refers to the act of granting credit without properly assessing your ability to repay the borrowed amount. 


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Couple having an argument about their bills in their living room


Inadequate assessment of the ability to repay which overlooked key details or made inaccurate assumptions about your income or expenses. 


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Frequently asked questions

When I sign up, What happens next?

From the moment you click submit our systems start working for you. With the credit check we identify all lenders/contracts which ended or started in the last 6 years.

Each potential claim could be quite different so we deal with them all seperately so keep an eye out for emails with Sandstone Legal in the title.  

If we do need to email you, the sooner you respond, the quicker we can seek the right outcome. 

How many cards/lenders/accounts will we review?

We will check every card/lender/accounts registered over the past 6 years. This includes things that finished up to 6 years ago and those currently in place.

How quick do you find out?

We would love to answer that!

Initial findings start coming back in days and we have some claims (against pay day loan lenders) settling in 3 weeks.

We do everything we can to get settlement as soon as we can but there will always be somethings that carry on for years.

Can all communication be done via email?

It is possible. We only call if we really need something quickly to progress a claim.

How much does this service cost me?

Our checks are free.

The various claims all have different structures when it comes to the fees but are all on a 'no win, no fee' basis with nothing to pay upfront.

Prior to moving to this stage, you would receive details of the fees involved for your approval/acceptance.

Are there any upfront charges?

No. Never.

Can you deal with situations older than 10 years ?

we can only work with situations that were live within the last 6 years.

You may have taken a loan out 10 years ago which ended 5 years 11 months ago. We can look at it.

Are your enquiries completely confidential?


What do I need to do next?

Look out for emails with Sandstone in the title.

We may need further information from you.

The quicker we get it, the quicker we can keep things moving.

I have an IVA does that make a difference ?

Some of the services will work for you, some won't.

Complete the appropriate form and we will let you know if it works for you!

If I am eligible can the funds be used to help pay my IVA?

We work with Insolvency practices especially to help clients with their IVA.

As well as getting my money back what else can I expect?

We are working on a range of products, services and advice to get you money back and/ or save you money.

Watch this space…

Get in touch 

If you have a question following the submission of the 'Get Started' form, please complete the form below and we will get the right person to come back to you.

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